I know it’s only September, but it is getting to be that time of year. You know … holiday card time. It’s the time of year where we reconnect and update family and friends on what has been going on with our lives over the past year–to share a piece of ourselves with those we care about most. The best part about this is that each card is as unique and special as the family giving it. 

So why do we spend so much time planning out holiday cards? It’s simple: connection. 

However, if the purpose of sending out holiday cards is connection and to share ourselves, then why try so hard to look like everyone else? Why send out cards that we’ve seen 100+ times on Pinterest, instead of images that best represent our families? Why try to look like everyone when it’s our unique qualities that make us who we are? If we are being honest, my favorite holiday cards aren’t the ones seen on Pinterest; my favorites have always been the ones telling some sort of story. I love the cards where I learn a little bit about the life of the family sending them to me. 

So what if this year, you did something different?  What if the photos featured on your cards were ones of your beautiful everyday life? Or of your family participating in your favorite activity or favorite holiday traditions? 

What if we exchanged the stress of choosing outfits, wrangling kids up in hopes that they smile, or bribery with candy/presents (desperate times call for desperate measures) for photos of your family being unapologetically themselves. 

Think about how freeing that could be. 

This year I challenge you to do just that, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some great examples of holiday cards from people who decided to trade traditional, posed holiday card photos for those that had a story, reflected their family’s personalities, and are filled with meaning.

Photo by Gabriella Hunt  |  Gabriella Hunt, Photographer

Photo/card by Courtney Maltman  | Momentologie Photography

Photo/card by Marie-Pierre Castonguay  |  Marie Pierre Photography

Photo/card by Karyn Novakowski |  Kin and Kid Photography

Photo/card by Christine Wright |  Christine Wright Photography

Ready to try something different this year and take the challenge? Great! Let’s chat and book a session that will produce images that best represent your family and will mean something. 

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